Field Get Started with Field Service Lightening — Know How?

Salesforce Field Service Lightening

What is Field Service Lightning (FSL)?

FSL gives us the expertise to bring together three essential elements of a business that deliver on-field service.

Conventional Field Service Personas

When talking about field service in general, there are two essential personas: in-office agents and field technicians. Their responsibilities include:

Role of In-office Agent

· Receive work orders and assign jobs.

Role of Field Technician

· Get the assigned job and collect the required details.

Field Service Lightning (FSL) Key Players

Field Service Lightning (FSL) Key Players
Field Service Lightning (FSL) Key Players


According to the unique business requirements, Administrator set up field service features. It involves the installation of the Field Service Lightning managed package and Field Service Lightning mobile app.

Service Agent

Take customer service calls and requests field service appointments through work orders that list the parts and skills needed for the job.


Assigns and manages the service appointments. The managed package includes the dispatcher console that helps dispatcher to schedule, optimize and dispatch service appointments from one screen.

Mobile Worker or Field Agent

Manages their service appointments. Their job includes closing work orders, tracking the used parts, and providing service reports.

Standard Work Order Process

Standard Work Order Process

Field Service Core Data Model

Field Service Core Data Model

What Makes Field Service Remarkable?

The following three components work together to deliver a complete field service management solution.

Key Objects And Their Importance

Skills: Required skills to perform field tasks.



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